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The overrepresentation of populations from Western, predominantly white, European societies in genomic databases has resulted in misdiagnoses, poor understanding of conditions and inconsistent delivery of care, as well as mistrust amongst excluded communities on the collection and use of their genetic data.  As a result, genomic medicine does not always benefit all people equally.

How can we make better use of the existing data we have and ensure that anything we do in the future does not repeat the inequities of the past?

By equipping individuals with the practical tools they need now, we hope link23 can lessen the immediate effect of poor diversity in genomics, and create the mechanisms to change behaviours, practices and process, for good. 

Why link23

link23's history & future


A small group of keen beans in the world of genomics and diversity came together, initiated by the Diverse Data initiative at Genomics England

Aug-Sep 2022

Pre-launch planning

Through conversations, interviews and collaborative workshops, link23's role, structure and activities were crafted. 

Dec-Mar 2022

link23 community design

Working across the link23 community, we'll be creating key aspects of how the community works, what challenges we'll address and how we can ensure link23 is the best place in the world to build tools for genomic equity. 

Jun 2022

Oct 2022

Soft launch

link23 soft-launches (ie we put up this website!)

Mar 2023

link23 goes live!

March 2023 link23 officially launches! Let the community begin!

Mar 2023 onwards

link23 in action

We'll be running community-building activities, information-sharing webinars and setting up our first challenges to work on!


link23 is led by an amazing group of Genomics England employees, and volunteers from all across the world, and from different disciplines. If you're interested in becoming an organiser - email the link23 Community Manager (Marie Nugent) at - We'd love to include you!

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